"My husband and I used Pastor Ed Choy as both our ceremony officiant and our premarital advisor. We can’t say enough great things about Pastor Ed and would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a wedding officiant.
(1) Premarital Counseling – Our premarital counseling sessions were excellent. My husband really wanted to have premarital counseling, but I was initially skeptical. However, Pastor Ed was a great listener. Our homework assignments between sessions identified potential areas of personality conflict and how to resolve any conflict. Also, Pastor Ed is very tech savvy. Although my husband and I were in DC, we were able to effectively do all the sessions over Skype.
(2) Wedding Officiant – We had an Indian fusion wedding ceremony and Pastor Ed did a great job. He carefully worked with us weeks before the ceremony to make sure everything was perfect. He had excellent insight into intercultural ceremonies. He took our feedback and incorporated it into a beautiful ceremony. On the wedding day, he was amazing. He is very prompt and reliable. He also speaks calmly, clearly, and confidently and was right on point with the ceremony.
My husband and I would highly recommend Pastor Ed as a wedding officiant. Through this process, we have not only been able to call him our Pastor, but also our friend."


"So many words about Ed Choy. Young. Helpful. Fun. Flexible. Awesome. Personable. Efficient.
Everyone loved him, especially wife & I. On short notice after losing our original officiant a month before the wedding via Skype , emails, and a coffee meeting he was able to give us a wedding ceremony we always dreamed about.
Highly recommended."


"We are so blessed to have found Pastor Ed!! He was the perfect officiant for our wedding-- my husband and I are both from out of state, now living in the DC area. We're Catholic, but wanted to have an outdoor ceremony, so we were faced with the challenge of trying to find an officiant (not the easiest task, especially if you pictured your wedding ceremony to be this beautiful, meaningful experience full of personalized touches). We came across Pastor Ed on The Knot and contacted him to set up a meeting to see if we were a good fit-- we were so happy to discover that he was exactly the right type of person to be able to pull off the ceremony that we had envisioned. He has a warm, easygoing personality and takes the time to get to know you as a couple and truly figure out what you want for your wedding. We didn't feel like a number in a long, monotonous line of other weddings, we felt like we were meeting a new friend. We really appreciated that he allowed us the flexibility to put together a ceremony that reflected us as a couple. He has a great sense of humor, which was important to us, and helped make our ceremony a fun, unique event. I honestly can't imagine our wedding without Pastor Ed! We had a great time at our ceremony, it was my favorite part of the entire day :) Without hesitation, we would definitely recommend him to other couples looking for an officiant."


"Pastor Ed was great! He gave us some great starting points and let us run from there on creating the perfect ceremony for us as a couple. There was the right balance of Catholicism for me and non-religious for my husband.
We were not the easiest couple to work with in that my husband’s work schedule is crazy. Ed though completely worked with us and even had our initial Skype call right after the Christmas holidays at about 8 o'clock at night so Greg could make it.
Ed was professional and really go the relaxed vibe we were going for. My family loved him at the rehearsal dinner as he didn't make it formal but instead made everyone super comfortable.
I would highly recommend Ed! Couldn't have imagined our day without him."


"Pastor Ed is an experienced and thoughtful officiant who helped us create a ceremony that was unique and reflective of our unique values. Coming from families from two separate religious backgrounds, my husband and I wanted an officiant who would help us celebrate who we are as a couple and the joining of two unique families -- Pastor Ed did that and more! From the beginning, Pastor Ed was highly responsive, helpful, and extremely organized, thinking through every detail so that the ceremony ran seamlessly on the day-of. We highly recommend Pastor Ed to officiate any wedding ceremony -- everything was perfect!"


"Pastor Ed was EXACTLY what we were looking for in a wedding officiant! We met with him for two premarital counseling sessions in the months leading up to our wedding, and we were able to completely customize our wedding ceremony to fit our style. We learned a lot from working with him and would highly recommend to anyone looking for an officiant and/or counseling!"


"I couldn't be more happy with the experience we had with Pastor Ed. He is a passionate and caring officiant who brought a positive and outgoing attitude to every situation. Throughout the process, he was always available to offer advice and was instrumental in developing a personalized ceremony that was aligned with me and my husbands mixed religions and personalities. He was flexible, attentive, professional and yet, a lot of fun! In comparison with the other officiants we were considering, he brought a fresh approach and was solely concerned about delivering a ceremony that was exactly how we envisioned it. I would recommend Pastor Ed to anyone looking for an officiant and am so fortunate we found him for our special day!!"


"From the moment my wife and I met Pastor Ed, we knew he would be the one to marry us. We felt so comfortable and relaxed as Pastor Ed got to know us on a deeper level. Trust me, this was a luxury as I can tell you, planning a wedding can be a stressful time. Yet, there are other reasons we chose Pastor Ed. He is so flexible and was willing to do just about anything to make our day special and personalized. He also created great relationships with our families and friends. His ability to remember tiny details about each person he encounters is phenomenal. Pastor Ed is a great guy, and I am very happy he was a part of my wife and I's special day."


"Ed was an amazing addition to our wedding! We cannot begin to describe how thankful we are to have found him. We were nervous about finding an officiant that balanced the ritual and ceremony of a wedding with fun. After our first meeting with Ed, we knew he was exactly the person we wanted to marry us! Besides his overall fun and easy to talk to demeanor, he seemed genuinely happy to be marrying us. That’s a very important distinction and was largely the reason we cancelled all of our future appointments and booked him on the spot. To help show you how great Ed was/is, here is a little story: A week or so before the wedding I may or may not have been freaking out a little bit... But as soon as we spoke with Ed to finalize details of the rehearsal and ceremony he helped put everything into perspective and we felt so much better! Having a go-to person who’s done this before is a necessity for a new bride, as I’m the first of my friends to get married and really had no idea what to expect. He is very experienced and has great advice. He made sure that we were able to enjoy our wedding, take a breath and pause to enjoy each moment. Our ceremony was beautiful. Ed made us laugh, especially when I couldn’t help but cry. It was the best day, and it began without a hitch largely due to Ed! Oh and it’s important to mention that he literally saved our honeymoon! Sitting in the Charlotte airport, we realized that a copy of our marriage certificate was required as proof for the honeymoon package at our resort. After a quick text to Ed, he sent us a picture right away and problem solved! We are so grateful that Ed was a part of our wedding!"

Daysi & Will

"Look no further, hire Pastor Ed Choy! From the moment that we met him, we knew he was the one that would make our ceremony very special! Pastor Ed is amazing to work with! He is so easy going, replies promptly and is flexible. He will go out of his way to make sure that your day is special and exactly how you want it to be. We received so many compliments about our wedding ceremony on December 2016. We are so glad he led the rehearsal the day before, he is organized and is very knowledgeable! His positive energy is exactly what you are looking for!"
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